In this video, I will show you an Exercise to Boost the IMMUNE SYSTEM | 10 Minute Daily Routines

I know a lot of people are worried about getting sick, especially if you’re, someone who’s prone to getting sick.

Quite often there’s, a good way to boost your immune system, and that is by accessing your gut. Did you know that 75 percent of your immune system, that’s? 3/4 of your immune system is housed in the gut, so people who are wondering why do I get sick all the time every flu season every cool season? I seem to be coming down with something you have to check your gut, so we will do some exercises to open up the front of your body and also two very important acupressure points that’s on your abdomen.

That will help bring your core temperature higher to raise your immune system function. So one more thing I want to share with you that not only is seventy five percent of your immune system housed in the gut, but did you know that raising your core temperature one degree Celsius just one one degree Celsius up, raises your immune system five times That means that raises your immune system, 500 % rev up your core interpreter.

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So we will practice that today, so first sit in a comfortable posture on a chair, not leaning back in the front, so come towards the front, and first just start by tapping your chest tap your chest. I recommend closing your eyes close your eyes, so you can focus on the sensation of your chest, feel the stimulation in your chest: Imagine you’re tapping deeply into your lungs and we’ll tap our chest for just 30 seconds.

So please close your eyes, so you can focus on your body tap deeply into your chest. Relaxing your shoulders! Relaxing your body! 15! More seconds, 10, 9, 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2, 1, now tap along the front of your body from your neck.

All the way down to your lower abdomen the front of your body. There’s, a very important Meridian channel that flows down the front side of your body called the conception meridian. When we get stressed, we can have a lot of emotions, tension blockage.

This meridian is one of the first meridians to become locked. So let’s, hop all along the conception road in from your neck to your chest, diaphragm abdomen, up to its top for 30 more seconds.

If you’re very sensitive to energy, even tapping your body like this, you will feel your body warm up fifteen seconds, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four three two one and stop. Next, we will use the belly button healing wand.

If you have one of these, please use it. If you don’t, you can use your fingers to push curving your fingers and pushing like this so find a point that is right in the middle of your diaphragm and your belly button.

So my diaphragm is right here. My belly button is here. You want to find the point right in the middle that point use that point to get the belly button healing tool, and this point is right about your small intestine and it’s, an area that is very important to release gut inflammation gut inflammation.

That can lower your immune system compromise your immune system, most people when they push air there’s pain. If you feel pain here, please breathe out. Keep pumping in small movements like this. If you’re using your fingers curve, your fingers and pump same way, we will pump here for one minute 30 seconds.

If you have the hang of this movement, please close your eyes. Always I’m here to just guide you on the movements. If you’ve got the movement close your eyes, so you can focus on your body. I’m here notice.

If there’s any pain, any tension, if you feel pain, attention minutes thirty seconds little pumping movements like you’re, knocking on a door, hello, hello, my immune system: where are you 20 seconds? Ten? Nine eight seven, six, five, four three, two one stop.

Now we’re gonna stimulate that same point, but alter our breath a little. So what you’re gonna do is take a deep breath in as you exhale push in to that point for five seconds. So it’s like one two. Three, then, when you breathe in you, want to release and exhale for five seconds.

Get out readout, hold it breathe in breathe out exhale one more time breathe in exhale now. We’re gonna go down to the belly button and do the same pumping movements on your belly button.

These two points are very important. Acupressure points to help boost your immune system raise your core temperature. Therefore, boosting your immune system will pump here for one minute close your eyes feel the movement in your body.

Relax your shoulders, breathe naturally and burn added bonus. Have a gentle smile on your face? Let me create a gentle smile on our face. Our brain naturally reduce produces happy hormones and when your body is feeling happy, you naturally become warmer 20 more seconds and nine eight seven, six, five, four three two one: now we’ll, do some reading the same way take a deep breath in exhale For five seconds hold it breathe in we’ll.

Do a total of five breaths like this breathe out breathe in this is number three breathe in breathe out. Hold it last one deep breath in and exhale place your tool down, feel your body close. Your eyes for just 10 seconds, let’s, feel our body.

You feel some warmth or movement in your abdomen. Maybe you feel some warmth and your fingers hands toes and feet. Some people feel coldness in their hands toes feet and fingers coldness is that cold energy inside of you, that’s already in your system coming out of your body, so whether you feel hot or cool, you’re doing great.

They’re. All both signs of human did a great job. If you have more than 10 minutes. Please do these exercises for a little bit long-term. I recommend maybe 15 minutes or even watch this video again and go for 20 minutes to experience a full one hour: brain education base class.