Hey, let’s talk about Women, Boost Metabolism, Lose Fat, and watch the video Today we’re. Talking about the five supplements all women should be taking in order to boost metabolism and burn fat, make sure you stick around till the end.

Alright, let’s. Dive into the top 5 supplements all right. The first supplement you should be taking is a probiotic, help to crowd out the bad bacteria in the gut and increase the good bacteria, which is really helpful for boosting your metabolism.

So a lot of women, wonder if I’m eating foods that contain probiotics like yogurt, kombucha kefir, or do I still need to take a probiotic supplement? And the answer is yes, because while these foods can be beneficial, a probiotic supplement is gonna.

Be so much higher in these good bacteria that boost your metabolism, so you really want to make sure you’re, taking a probiotic to boost metabolism and burn fat. All right number two is glutamine. What I love about, glutamine, it doesn’t just help to boost metabolism burn fat, but it also is really good for busting sugar cravings and the way that glutamine works.

If it actually increases the chemicals in your brain that are responsible for whether or not you get sugar cravings and it helps to decrease any inflammation that you have in your body and that’s, how it helps you burn fat and boost your metabolism.

So glutamine another super important one for metabolism and busting sugar. Cravings number three is fish oil. Now you might have heard a lot about fish oil over the years for not just weight loss, but also for heart health, and this one is so important for everyone to be taking every single day.

What I love about fish oil is that it directly helps to heal inflammation in the body, which is why it’s related to metabolism and fat burning, and we talked about inflammation. Sometimes we think about the acute inflammation that happens when we stub our toe or we get a paper cut and those kind of inflammation are good.

But the problem is when you get inflammation, that’s like beneath the surface that you can’t, see or feel. This is the kind of like Fester’s underneath and it’s from consuming sugar. It’s from eating processed foods.

It’s from dieting over the years and we can’t, see or feel this inflammation. But when that’s happening and it actually blocks your ability to lose weight, so fish oil directly helps to decrease any inflammation that you’ve got going on and that’s.

Why it’s really important for metabolism and fat burning number four vitamin D: now, even if you’re laying out in the Sun, you still want to be taking a vitamin D supplement, because vitamin D is so important for metabolism.

It’s, also super important for moods too. So a lot of times. We see that people have a really positive boost and their moods when they take a vitamin D supplement. But here’s, the confusing thing with vitamin D, a lot of doctors there, reference range is that your level should be between 20 and but in reality, an order.

If your metabolism to be the most boosted, we really want it to be more. In the 50 to 80 range and most people, unless they’re, taking a vitamin D supplement of about 5,000 IU’s every single day, most people have a level that’s super low a lot of times when our Women come in with lab work, their vitamin D level will be in the 20s or even the teens, and it’s, just really hard to lose weight and have energy when your level of that low.

So I think this is just one of the most basic, simple things you can be doing for your metabolism. Every single day it’s, taking at least 5,000 IU’s of vitamin D. Alright number 5 is magnesium. Over 80 percent of people are deficient in magnesium and it’s, just such an important one to be taking when we’re talking about metabolism, even when we’re talking about sugar, cravings specifically for chocolate, magnesium will help With that, it also helps with sore muscles.

So if you get, you know stiff neck or joints, or even if you exercise it, helps you recover quicker when you’re taking in magnesium. This is just one of those one of those ones that you’ll notice, a huge difference.

It also helps you sleep at night. So if you’re someone who has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you could take your magnesium before bed now for metabolism and just for overall health. I recommend between 400 and 600 milligrams a day to start, and we see clients that are sometimes they’re.

Taking. You know, 1,200 milligrams that they’re, really trying to boost their metabolism. If they have sore muscles, they’re trying to decrease inflammation. So what I recommend doing is just starting with 400 to 600 milligrams a day and seeing how you feel all right.

So those are your top 5 supplements, probiotic glutamine, fish oil, vitamin D and magnesium, but real quick. I want to mention that not all supplements are created equal. The quality is all across the board, which is super scary, but that’s, a problem because they’re, not regulated by the FDA.

So when it comes to supplements, not only is it important to take the right ones, but you want to be taking ones that are high quality, so they’re, actually beneficial for you. So you want to look for terms like third-party tested and pharmaceutical grade, which means that they’re, actually being regulated to make sure that what they say they have on the label is actually in the supplement in the bottle.