hi everybody. one of my 5 Effective Natural Home Remedies For Pain Relief You Should Try I’m enjoying my daily coffee. I usually have coffee after lunch and coffee is one of five foods that I would like to talk to you about. That can relieve pain. So sometimes you think of coffee and caffeine.

As being addictive, and then people get a headache when they don & # 39, t have it and that’s, perhaps true. But if ve consumed in smaller amounts like one cup a day or even throw in a couple of days where you don’t have caffeine just to kind of keep, keep your body guessing.

That can be one way to help reduce the chances of you becoming addicted to having that caffeine. But coffee can be really great for relieving or lessening the pain of headache or just even a migraine.

So if someone gets a migraine that can be really debilitating and so caffeine, for example, in like a 300 milliliter, a cup of coffee, that can be just a really simple way to reduce the pain of headache.

Another thing is salmon, something you maybe wouldn’t commonly. Think of this is just a smoked salmon. Actually, a friend of mine smoked for us and salmon is really wonderful for joints and reducing pain due to inflammation and just joint pain.

So we’re, looking at Pain Relief for example in the joints and and it’s, thought that probably the Moga mega threes in the the fish that’s. What helps to reduce that that joint pain can also be good for digestion in the same way, because of those omega-3s are just going to be soothing and aid made the body and digestion another really wonderful, anti-inflammatory and pain reducer, especially due to exercise induced muscle, pain, Muscle fatigue it’s, cherry juice, and so tart cherry and either tart, cherries, straight frozen or fresh or tart cherry juice.

Concentrate is what we have a lot of just because it’s simple, and there was a study done and athletes that consumed one ounce twice a day for 10 days, exhibited less pain or or experienced less less pain, and so that’S just one example, and it’s a nice way to to help relieve muscle, induce pain.

Another anti-inflammatory would be ginger. Fresh ginger is really great. Even powdered ginger can be fine, but the anti-inflammatory properties of that ginger can be really great again. For the in the same way, kind of our muscle induced or like exercise induced muscle pain, but also osteoarthritis people who have suffered from osteo arthritis there’s, been several studies done that taking regular doses of ginger can help reduce that pain.

So you can, you can actually take ginger in capsule form. If you just can’t stand the taste of it, but it’s, wonderful in smoothies or in desserts and as as juiced and or in tea with honey. So several different ways to have ginger – and lastly, I have my own sage growing outside and sage – is something that you maybe wouldn’t, think of as being a pain, reliever, but sage can actually be really nice for a sore throat.

So just take a few leaves fresh, or I also just will will take my sage and dehydrate it and then save it. The whole leaves or that’ll kind of pulverize. The leaves and then have a powdered sage, but just whole sage leaves either dried or fresh and and brew them, as as you would T and then sip that, to help relieve the pain of a sore throat.

So many different ways that you can use some common foods to help naturally reduce pain and help you to feel better. You