Stay Slim After 60- What to Eat In a Day


Stay Slim After 60- What to Eat In a Day

Watch is Amazing Video Stay Slim After 60- What to Eat In a Day I would like to tell you before we get into the what I eat in a day, a video that I shot about a week ago and I won’t get all chatty on you, because this… Read Full Article Below

Watch is Amazing Video Stay Slim After 60- What to Eat In a Day

I would like to tell you before we get into the what I eat in a day, a video that I shot about a week ago and I won’t get all chatty on you, because this video is super chatty and if you’D like to bypass the chat in just a few moments up with the counter on there, so you can see what point you need to go to zipping ahead to actually what I eat in a day, because I’ve had challenges with food.

All my life I had challenges with staying slender and Slim. I will say that in general, I follow a low-carb lifestyle. However, in the video at the end I mentioned I’m following keto because I would like to follow keto, and I think I’m going to move more in that direction.

But as you will see by the food that I prepare, it is really not strictly keto, but I did want to let you know that that I am aware of the differences. But I have decided after reading more about keto, especially because I do have some shoulder pain going on some inflammation in my shoulder.

I think keto will be my ticket going forward, at least for a while. I’m, going to experiment with that and if you’d like to see a video about the results I have when I truly do go full keto. Let me know in the comment section and I will share that information with you in the future too.

Ok, I hope you enjoy my video Stay Slim After 60 I’m Beth with 50-plus beauty, and I’m. Really excited to have you here with me today, because I’m, going to be showing you what I eat in a day, and you all have been requesting this video off and on for the last couple of years and I’ve.

Never gotten around to it, because I have a very odd kind of eating habit. I guess it’s, not that odd, but I was a little bit worried that some of you would see it and give me terrible comments about how it wasn’t nutritious or whatever.

But I have to say I’m over 60 years old. I’m 62. I had to think for a minute there. I always want to make myself 63, but anyway, I have wrestled with developing a great eating plan, pretty much my entire life and I’m, going to be showing you honestly what I eat in a day – and this is a very typical day for Me because I really don’t have to eat a bunch of different variety of things.

I develop a breakfast that I like, and I eat that and a lunch that I like now dinner. I do switch up, but the dinner I’m, showing you tonight absolutely my favorite dinner and I was leery to tell you about this because some of you will start in the comments section crucifying me and – and I hope you won -‘T do that.

I hope you’ll. Let you do you and me. Do me because believe me, I have studied diet for years. I was a vegetarian slash vegan for about five years up to about three years ago. I really did have an objection to how Ana mules hi column Ana mules, how they’re treated in terms of being slaughtered, and all of that I had kind of an emotional, very negative response to killing animals.

I’d, really prefer not to do that, and so I was a vegetarian for five years. I started being a vegetarian, slash vegan, because I saw the video Forks Over knives in quite a few. Other videos espouse the idea that it is totally much more healthy to be plant-based and I was plant-based for those four or five years, vegan vegetarian, which is very high carbohydrate, and during that time I still had rheumatoid arthritis and I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a Form called ankylosing spondylitis, which is a spinal arthritis which ends up supposedly at the end of your life.

You know making you look at the ground like a sea, and so in my 30s, when I got diagnosed with that and started going to the rheumatologist, I was fairly terrified. I didn’t want to end up with posture like this.

Looking at the ground all the time, I’d, seen people with ankylosing spondylitis, and it was not a good look so anyway, I did all the traditional pharmaceuticals, with that rheumatologist for five to eight nine years, realized that pretty much for me, it was Just a matter of going from painkiller to painkiller each time I went, I would get a more advanced painkiller with a lot more side effects and it really wasn’t doing anything for the underlying problem.

It was just making me more comfortable. So then, I started looking into a Stay Slim After 60 and a full range of alternative therapies to cure my rheumatoid arthritis, and there is a video that I’ll, put a link to below this video and it tells you all of the alternative therapies.

I tried to combat my RA and I tried a ton of them so fast forward to just a few years ago again, I was a vegetarian vegan for five years, which was very high, carbohydrate, a lot of beans, a lot of rice, a lot of tortillas.

That kind of thing – and so I still had about 10 or 20 % of my body – pain on that diet and I kept looking for ways to get rid of that pain, and I found the Paleo autoimmune, which is basically very low, carb heavy meat vegetables with A little bit of fruit, and so I switched to their autoimmune protocol, which also adds in don’t, eat eggs.

Don’t eat cheese, which I don’t like eggs anyway, and I’m sensitive to cheese. It gives me digestive issues, so I don’t eat that so it’s. Pretty easy. For me, and although in the first week of switching from plant-based to all that meat, it grossed me out and it was hard to eat meat, especially for the first week or so within two or three weeks I said whoo.

I like these steaks. I, like these bacon burgers and I was off to the races and within the first two weeks, all of my joint pain was gone and I felt much much better and I will say that somehow I injured my shoulder, maybe about a year ago, and so I Do have a shoulder issue, but that is not related to the RA.

When I stay low-carb, I really do much better in terms of pain control. I just basically don’t have any symptoms at all of the RA which I’m. Thrilled about so that brings us to today and doing my what I eat in a day, video for you and to do that since I’ve, never done a what I eat in a day video.

Food addiction, although I do not like to label myself because words have power, I really have a food addiction, sugar addiction, carb addiction problem and when I start eating sugar and carbs and that kind of thing I am off to the races and I can’t quit eating.

For me, there is no eating one piece of pie because I really want to eat two or three and they don’t want to eat, not just the court that’s on the top. I’m, going to take the Cool Whip and eat the whole thing you guys I mean.

I know some of you feel my pain and I’m, convinced that it really is a biochemical type issue, but anyway, getting back to the Jennifer Jenkins video. I was totally struck by how, on a scale of 1 to 10, with food addiction.

Being here and non-food addiction, being here I’d say she was a 1 or a 2. She said things in that video, which I would love. I would purchase this if I could, but she said things in that video like well.

Sometimes I miss lunch because I just kind of forget to eat with which I’ve, never forgotten to eat. In my entire life, pretty much I’m, always thinking about you know what I’m eating now and maybe thinking about lunch and dinner and what I’m going to eat.

Then it’s kind of always on my mind. Another thing she said is she showed her dinner in which she did have a very modest looking potato with some chicken on it. I think, and some cheese and some things like that.

Looked pretty darn small to me and she said: oh well now you think that looks small. But when I get to the end of that I’m. So stuffed I can’t, hardly take another bite and she said. Sometimes I’ll, make another half of that potato concoction and I’ll put it on the plate and I’ll, get to it and I can’t even eat it, and I just throw it away Because I’m, so full from that one lobe potato and I just thought to myself: if I’ve made myself a serving and a half of something and put it on one plate.

I am eating that whole thing so anyway. Suffice it to say that I am NOT a normal eater when it comes to food, and I will put another link to a video called the hunger monster below which talks a little bit more about that, and I think many of you can kind of identify with My feelings with regard to food, some of you can’t at all and you’ll just say: well, why not just have one cookie and then the other people will kind of understand me and go.

I can’t. Have one cookie because then I will want the whole back one more thing before I get into telling you about my eating style and I’m sorry. This has been so long-winded, but one more thing is that recently I posted a video on my first eight weeks: progress on weight, lifting and look at these guns.

Babies, I’ve, got some good-looking guns, but anyway, and now I’m 22 weeks in – and you all have been asking me to do my glute workout and show you my entire workout and I’ll, put a link To that video below and I’ll show you a picture of what was the most astonishing result that I had in eight weeks, and one of my viewers thought I’d photoshopped this and it’s, so funny that She accused me of photoshopping because I actually did Photoshop it over that little tiny string bikini almost I added a black triangle so that it wouldn

To look so indecent, but I really did want to show you a little bit more of that before but picture so you could really see the impact that eight weeks of weight training can have on the glutes, and I will post that video soon.

Okay, getting into what I eat in a day the whole idea behind this video. I am very low carb because when I start eating cakes, pies, cookies, rice beans, that kind of thing I’m hungry all the time and when I stick to my low-carb, I actually get stained around food, because if I’m eating, Carbs and sugar, and that kind of thing I’m kind of insane when it comes to food, and I’m, always thinking about it.

In quest to Stay Slim After 60 But when I stay low carb, I think my blood sugar stays very nice and even and I don’t crave food. I don’t really think about food. My food choices are made ahead of time. For me, I kind of figure it out the day before and food does not really become an issue for me, so I really do my best to stay as low carb as I can.

However, every now and then on the weekend, we’ll, go to a Mexican restaurant and I will you know, have a normal Mexican meal with the tortillas and all that which I normally wouldn’t on my low-carb, so anyway, okay, this Is what I eat in a day? Well, I start the day with coffee and ooh that is really gross.

Sorry, I get my lipstick everywhere. I start the day with coffee, and this is actually not coffee. This is green tea, because what I do is before I start work, which I’m working out of my home before 8 o’clock in the morning.

I have as much coffee as I want and in my first cup of coffee I put collagen, and this is what I used to use until very recently and as you can see this one’s almost on my husband is using this one in His smoothies this was the vital proteins collagen, but then I saw another great youtuber, which is what’s, her name fabulous 50s and I can’t.

Remember her name, but I love her. She’s fabulous and she did a video on hair and I’m, always looking for ways to make my hair more there, because sometimes my hair is very thin and she totally recommended this brand of collagen called.

Is that perfect, hydrolyzed collagen – and I started this. This is my first star of this and I will say it’s. Pricey it’s $ 39, so this better be growing. Some hair on my head, or I’m, going to switch back to the vital proteins, but I just do one scoop of this and a cup of coffee and you can’t taste it at all.

It’s. Absolutely wonderful there. You have to stir it up because once in a while, you get a little white chunk, but you stir it all up, and so I drink coffee as long as I want to in the morning and then maybe around 10 o’clock, or so I do switch to green tea.

I love jasmine green tea and I’ll, put a link to that below because there’s, a really good one that you can get at Walmart green tea is known to be a fat burner. It’s, known to even out your insulin. I just really like it and I think it’s really healthy to drink green tea.

Now we get to breakfast and I try as much as I can to eat as late in the morning as possible in about 10:00 or 10:30, I eat my first meal of the day, which is my breakfast, and here it is. I eat four slices of bacon and I get this from Costco and it’s, pretty cooked bacon, and I know some of you are saying.

Oh my god. How unhealthy is that? But I’m, going to put a link below to dr. ken who does a lot of keto videos to a wonderful video. He did about the nitrate scandal with regard to bacon and processed meats.

He says the science is just not there to support that. This is bad for you that we have been eating processed meats pretty much since time began and we really don’t have health problems from it, but I do four pieces of bacon and I think that is 60 count.

I think each piece of bacon is 50 calories, so that’s, a 200 calorie breakfast, which is not too bad. So let me show you how I do that. Okay, here are my four pieces of bacon right here and then I have this wonderful little bacon cooker and my husband got this for me here it is it’s, got you kind of put the bacon in here and then the grease drops down There and I really don’t mind about high fat either.

I really monitor my cholesterol well and in fact my husband and I Alan. We just had a lifeline screening where they looked at our carotid, because I did want to make sure since I am high fat, that microwatts are looking good and I’ll know the answer to that about three weeks.

It was interesting to go. Dude. Do that during the kovat, but anyway there are the four pieces of bacon, and I put them in the microwave on a minute tin, and this is how the bacon looks when it first comes out of the microwave beautiful little slices of bacon there.

But I like to give it a minute or two to kind of cool down and get hard, because I, like my bacon, to be really crunchy. So in the meantime, let me show you, the beverages that I drink through the day and then I’ll, come back and show you the bacon.

Okay, here’s, a look at my kitchen: it’s, been redecorated from the old world, painting the cabinets, white okay. This is my coffee bar. A lot of people would just let this be a bar bar there. It is neither my husband or I drink.

I haven’t, had a drink in 20 years, which I’m happy about and in addition to just the general good benefits of not drinking, and there are too many of them today. My life is much better since I quit drinking, but in addition to that, I think it has Beauty benefits, because I used to at least have a cup of glasses of wine every night and often my cheeks.

We get flushed and I just think putting poison into yourself, which alcohol really is a poison is really not good for your looks either. So I’m happy that I quit drinking. For that reason, this is where I make my coffee in the morning, and this is the best coffee maker known to man, and I’ll, put a link below the video for that it basically never burns your coffee because it doesn’T sit on a hot eye, you just kind of use this little button to get the coffee out of the carafe, and so it stays non burnt, which is wonderful.

There’s. My Keurig and I allow myself accurate cup or two a day of coffee there, and then I have a nice tea machine and I’ve added this recently and I absolutely love it because I do drink a ton of iced tea.

In fact, there is my McDonald’s cup, my husband and I always for treats. We’ll, go out and get an unsweetened iced tea at McDonald’s and I keep the cup so at home. I can just put in my normal iced tea and I feel like I ‘

Ve got a treat and there is my Crystal Light and you guys are all going to complain because it does have artificial sweeteners. But I really think that you can’t have a perfect diet, and that does give me a little treat when I get hungry in the afternoon.

I try not to snack, so the crystal light does help with that and about a year and a half ago. I quit diet dr. peppers entirely, because I was getting addicted to diet, dr. peppers. I would have not one diet, dr.

pepper a day, but probably five. Six seven, it was pretty much the only thing I was drinking and was really proud of myself. That a year ago, one of my new year’s. Resolutions was quitting dr. pepper, and I did so every now and then I do.

Let myself have crystal light and that doesn’t really bother. Ok, the bacon is now done, and here it is, it looks so yummy and basically I take the pieces and I put them on a plate with the napkin. I’ll.

Show you that in a minute I know I know you know how to do this. Oh well, I just put it on my little plate and then I kind of Pat it to get the extra grease off of it and it’s. All nice and crunchy I do not like limp bacon and, as you can see, it stands on its own.

It is very crunchy and not limp at all. So now I’m, going to go ahead and eat my little bacon breakfast and then I’ll, come back and show you my lunch. Ok now it’s time to make lunch. It’s around 12:15.

Here and normally I eat lunch a little earlier than that, maybe around 11:45 or 12:00, so I’m a little bit hungry, but what I do is I make the same salad pretty much every day. I absolutely love this salad.

Again, I don’t have to have much variety. I just like this salad, because I’m Manning. My own camera on go ahead and show you the ingredients of this salad and then I’ll. Show you how I put them all together, but it starts with this organic spring mix that I get from Costco love this.

It is a whole mess of lettuce and I’m pretty much the only one who eats this type of spring mix lettuce. In my house, because my husband grew up on iceberg lettuce, and so I always have to buy iceberg for him, but I really prefer this so it starts with that and next I add some turkey breasts and again I get this from Costco.

I absolutely love this. It’s called their Naturals brand and it’s supposedly natural. Who knows it says there are no artificial ingredients whatever. That means – and it has three of these little packets in it of Turkey and I get turkey or chicken, usually once a while I get Han I don’t really have a preference on that or right now I’m doing Turkey.

Then I add carrots to the mix and I really do like these and I’ll, show you how I chopped them up in just a few minutes, because I have a really good tool. That does that then I add either a half or a whole avocado, and this one has a little score line in it because I tried to cut it yesterday and it was too hard.

So I let it sit out on the counter and I hope it doesn’t look brown on the inside avocados. As you know, you know. Sometimes they’re too right, sometimes not ripe enough, but this one feels squishy now.

So I think it will be very good on my salad, absolutely love avocado and it’s, a lot of good healthy fat – and I know it seems crazy, but a lot of the time I’ll eat a full avocado on my Salad, really love them and the calories don’t seem to affect me much.

Okay, here’s, a look at the ingredients to my salad and I begin by washing my hands very well now I take this spring mix, which is right here and I just grab a bunch of that. Just stick it on that little plate.

I used to eat my salads on a large dinner plate and I realized that I was wasting a lot of food because I did quit eating and also I just thought it encouraged me to eat more, because this is plenty of salad on this plate.

I am absolutely stuffed by the time I eat this salad, actually, okay, just kind of rip that up a little bit then I go in with some turkey meat and I don’t ever measure this. I just kind of grab a hunk and just kind of put it on there until it looks like it’s kind of covering my salad.

There we go, try to kind of divide it up. A little bit tends to clump up on me. This looks so good. I’m, actually excited for lunch because I’m a little bit hungry now a little more tricky meat than that.

Even there we go wipe off my hands. They get a little bit greasy there. Then I’ll. Do my carrots and I will get my tool for you and this is called the clever cutter? Okay, I just realized my video wasn’t on so I hope you saw me add the first avocado.

If it wasn’t on I’ll, go ahead and show you how I do it on the second half. I just score it like this just right along there long cuts, then I make little squares little cubes of avocado. It’s kind of messy, and then you just take your spoon and just put that avocado in your salad.

There we go get every cube out of there. I just think avocados taste, so good. Okay, there is the complete salad, which I think just looks yummy. Look at that turkey spring mix carrots and avocados very easy, and I use my favorite dressing, and this is the Paul Newman’s dressing.

The Newman’s. Own light balsamic dressing happy come on in I’m. Doing a little video, real quick so anyway, I just put that salad dressing on there. I’m kind of generous with that, but that is a really tasty salad.

Now the person who came in during the video she came in the front door is Melanie. My son Dylan’s fiance, they are living with us for three more weeks. They’ve, already been with us a week because she closed on her house.

He closed on his house and they’re, not buying their new house for another three weeks, so they’re living with us, which is great. She came home to grab something for lunch, but anyway there is my salad.

I’ll eat that and then I’ll meet you back here for dinner. Okay, now it’s time for dinner, and I’m, really excited to show you my dinner, but I have to say I didn’t tell you something that I should have told you this morning, and that is that I switched from vegetarian to paleo autoimmune three years ago and since that time I have gone more to keto, which is higher fat than paleo.

None of the fruit really or very little of the fruit that is on the Paleo diet. Keto is really high fat high protein and low carbohydrate. I guess they say it. Isn’t high protein, but I do eat a lot of protein on this diet or eating plan.

I guess, and I really do like meat. I found that out and so a steak is wonderful to me meatloaf. I have to do it gluten free because I am gluten free, meatloaf, pork chops, something like that. I really do like those, and lately I’ve, been going through a phase where I’m, really liking Italian sausage, and here they are her and I actually made them last night, and I do that really, since the kids grew up And Allen – and I were kind of on our own.

What we tend to do is we’ll, make food for one night and make enough leftovers for at least the next night, if not two nights after that, because really I don’t love to cook, I cooked when the kids were Young and then they left, I still have a busy lifestyle and I’m.

Pretty simple: in terms of my food, I, like one ingredient foods, a lot of the time so for dinner, we’ll, have a meat like pork, chops or hamburger or Italian sausage. Something like that. A salad Allen we’ll, have some bread.

I don’t have the bread, because that is carb plus I’m gluten free because I have digestive issues if I eat gluten. So I don’t. Have the bread, but really my meals, are extremely simple in the evening and actually with this meal, I’m, really kind of liking.

It the best right now – and these are Italian sausage and there they are from last night. They’re cold. I kept them in refrigerator today, put them in a little Tupperware and I eat two of them, and so I’ll.

Take them out here and how I make them. Is I just bake them in the oven? I think it was on like 375 for maybe 30 minutes. I like them, really kind of dark, almost black. I really like that taste. I take the Italian sausage and I am absolutely loving this spaghetti sauce right now and I get this at Walmart and this is the Barilla roasted garlic and I really absolutely love this one.

It is so tasty. I crave it and I ‘ Ve noticed that when I go to Walmart to get it sometimes it’s out of stock, so other people must like it too. So I’ll, buy three or four of these ahead. I use these on a lot of other things.

Other than just Italian sausage, I’ll, put this on pork, chops or chicken breasts, something like that, and it really just adds a lot of moisture and adds a lot of taste, and I love the taste of garlic.

So this is really good. I just put it over the Italian sausage and I’m, pretty generous. I get myself quite a bit of that. I used to put this in the microwave for a couple of minutes and then sprinkle a lot of Parmesan cheese on it.

But cheese and dairy is something that I try to avoid as well, because as long as I stay away from gluten and dairy products, I really don’t have digestive issues which is wonderful. Okay, let me go put this in the microwave and I’ll, be right back and while I’m waiting on the sausage to cook, I wanted to talk with you a little bit about the keto diet, because I’M sure, a lot of you are seeing the amount of bacon that I eat and the amount of sausages that I eat and looking at all that fat and it’s kind of freaking you out a little bit.

Well, I would urge you and I’ll, put a link below to visit dr. Ken Barry’s channel. He is an MD. He’s, a family practice doctor who used to be morbidly obese and discovered the keto lifestyle way of eating started.

Eating keto did tons of research on it. He and dr. buzz and I’ll – put a link to her channel below too and when he watched them, they are so methodical about the science behind the keto diet and the benefits that you accrue with the keto diet that it is very convincing And the high fat nature really isn’t an issue when you look at the research on that.

So anyway, that’s. All I’ll say about that, and I will tell you that ever since I started eating like this, I no longer crave food. I don’t think about food. The way I used to, I can almost miss a meal, because I just kind of don’t think about food all the time anymore, and really I’m, not voracious, ly hungry at meals either, because when you eat a lot of Fat, it fills you up.

You’re satiated. The science behind the keto diet is really very good and I’m, not a doctor, so I won’t start talking about studies. I’ll. Let you visit those channels if you would like, because it is very compelling.

I do think there is a beauty aspect to the keto diet. Eating low carbohydrate reduces the inflammation in your body and that helps your skin look better. Ok, the sausage are done, and I ‘ Ll show you that in a more close-up way in just a few moments – and this is the salad that I’m having tonight – and here it is – and this is actually one of those salad kits – and I really find them to be extremely easy To do, and they have wonderful ingredients in them.

This one has Cato and parsley and cauliflower, and it has sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, and it has a really nice chili, vinaigrette dressing, which adds a little bit of a kick to it. Absolutely love this one, but I try a variety of them because they’re generally, all pretty good and they’re super easy to do, and I will say that in terms of Alan and I we usually have a meet every night.

Sometimes a potato he’ll have a white potato. I have a sweet potato because that’s, lower carb and a salad, and he ‘ Ll have bread and that’s, pretty much our meal. Let me show you how this looks close up.

Okay, here is those Italian sausages and they are super super good, just cut those up and eat them, and then here’s a little salad. I’ll, go ahead and put some of that on the plate, and so that is my keto dinner that I’ll, be enjoying this evening now in terms of snacks.

I do my best not to snack during the day, but if I get hungry I might have you know a little bit of celery with some peanut butter on it. Something like that nut butters are good, and I do have an indulgence that I’m loving lately, and these are from Walmart, and these are the Breyers carb smart bars and they have only 60 calories apiece.

This is the caramel swirl bar version, and they also have a traditional chocolate bar that has ice cream in the middle with chocolate around the outside and those are really good, but there are 120 calories.

So I really like it that this one is only 60 calories and it is very low carb. It has four net carbs and that’s, the lowest carbohydrate dessert bar I have found, and so I will be eating one of these tonight after dinner.

Well, that was a look at what I eat in a day and again, I hope you’ll, be kind to me in the comments because everybody has their own style eating and for me the keto lifestyle is working out the absolute best, because I Really don’t have food addiction issues when I stay very close to eating correctly on that diet.

Well, that was a look at what I eat in a day and if you’re interested in all things, beauty diet, lifestyle, Fitness related for those of us over 50. I hope you’ll, subscribe to my channel click. The little bell and share this with a friend if you would okay at this point in my video, I normally leave you with a thought for the day.

But I’m in my kitchen and I don’t have my cards with me. I guess I’ll. Tell you a little bit about what I’m doing this evening, which I’m. Really excited about this: every Tuesday night we have a dinner at our house, a family dinner.

I have two sons, but only one of them lives here in Wichita, the other one lives in Grand Rapids and what we do every Tuesday night is. I have my son Dylan over with his fiancee Melanie and every other week.

We have one or the other sets of grandparents, and tonight my parents will be coming to eat dinner with Dylan and Melanie and Alan, and I and next week Alan’s. Parents will be coming over and in that way we kind of keep the family together, and I will say that during this challenging covent time we still socially distance when they come over, because all of the parents are over 80.

So it’s, really important to protect them. Well, that was a little look into my family life. I absolutely love my family and, of course, we all do and if you’d like to share the ways in which you are still managing to interact with your family during this situation, and if you would share that in from down on the comments.

Hope you enjoyed this video on Stay Slim After 60, and please subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to be the first to know when related new articles are published. Thank you.

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