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Remove Dark Circles in 7 Days or Less

Treating dark circles under the eyes we’re. Also gonna be treating eye bags and puffy eyes. We’re, also gonna be getting rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

Now I tend to suffer from severe dark circles under the eyes and I sometimes find myself with puffy eyes, especially when I’m, very tired and I don’t get enough sleep now.

Wonderful Remedy on how to Remove Dark Circles

I have this wonderful remedy that I’m gonna share with you today.

I am using one of my favourite ingredient for dark circles and puffy eyes and also for wrinkles, and that is the parsley.

I’m gonna mix the parsley with some petroleum jelly, also known as Vaseline, and we’re gonna blend a few other ingredients in it and that’s.

What we’re, going to be using to treat our door on their eyes circles and puffy eyes and written goods and fine lines. So if you’re interested in this video continue watching.

Ingredients to To Remove Dark Circles

Our first ingredient is parsley, and this is what the parsley leaves look like if you do not have parsley, go ahead and use some coriander now.

Parsley is great for getting rid of dark under-eye circles, eye bags and also wrinkles and fine lines.

The vitamin C chlorophyll and vitamin K in parsley help to lighten skin discolouration it diminishes its spots and reduces puffiness.

Our next ingredient is petroleum jelly also called Vaseline, and this is very moisturizing. See below the ingredients you need to Remove Dark Circles

2Petroleum jelly
3Vitamin E oil
Ingredients to To Remove Dark Circles

It is also known to have to get rid of the puffiness under your eyes and also it helps to get rid of eye pads and when mixed with other ingredients such as vitamin E oil, it has to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

Our final ingredient is vitamin E oil and vitamin E oil helps to fight the effect of free radicals that cause sign of ageing like wrinkles. It also has to get rid of dark under-eye circles. It also helps to get rid of wrinkles. It is also known to help to plump the skin up and moisturize the skin. These should help to Remove Dark Circles.

So here we have our parsley and we’re going to use all under the parsley leaves so the first thing we’re gonna. Do we’re gonna get the leaves from the stock you don’t need a lot?

Little goes a long way, and this is the parsley leaves now what we’re gonna do with the parsley we’re gonna extract the parsley juice in order to extract the parsley juice. We’re, not gon. Na blend blending is not gonna help in this situation.

So what I’m gonna. Do I’m, actually gonna crush the parsley? Just take my hands like this and just rub it just roll the parsley make sure your ends are clean, so wash properly, and actually, this is something that I saw my grandmother do when I was a kid I never.

She want to extract juice from any form of leaves. She would just rub it like this now watch. This is done. If you have a cheesecloth, you can put it on it and squeeze the juice. This is just one of my facial masks and I like to use this guess it’s, make it pretty easy, you can also choose to wrap it in the cloth and use a bottle and pound it, and then I’m gon Na just squeeze the juice you’re, not gonna get a lot

.It’s, gonna be a little just squeeze you don’t need a lot anyway, and this is the raw juice from the parsley leaves and that’s. What we’re, looking for once we get at least a teaspoon. We’re good, just gonna strain this.

So here we have our parsley juice, and this is about a teaspoon s. Measure yeah run about a teaspoon and that’s. What we’re gonna use, we’re gonna use 1/2, a teaspoon of vitamin E oil 1/2, a teaspoon and for our Vaseline.

I’m gonna use a tablespoon just gonna eyeball it, and this is about a tablespoon and next I’m gonna mix this together. Just take your time, I’m, hiding parsley to Vaseline, so it’s. Gon na take a while to blend just fold it in keep folding.

You can also choose to melt the Vaseline first. However, I find it easier to just slowly blend the parsley juice in the Vaseline without melting it just keep blending as you notice it’s, now folding it – and here we have our Vaseline and parsley vitamin E blend together for eyebags dark under-eye circles.

Puffy eyes, and also to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines and take a look at this. This is how it is now really nice and fluffy. Let’s. Look at it here! You go! No! I like to store mine in a jar, and so here I have a little jar and I’m gonna store mine in this jar.

I have leftovers not to worry. I’m, not gonna waste it. So here it is our Vaseline parsley, hi treatment, and now I’m, going to show you how to use this wonderful treatment to get rid of dark under eye circles.

Ipad’s, puffy eyes, and also wrinkles and fine lines and remove Remove Dark Circles from around the eyes. Take a look at my under eyes, and you might be thinking that they are perfect. They actually came along the way, and that is because of the wonderful eye treatment that I’ve been using now I suffer from really terrible dark under eyes.

I also when I’m. Locking sleep tend to have severe iPad, so I use this on a regular to get rid off the dark circles to get rid of the eye wrinkles. I basically just maintained the area around my eyes using this, so you’re gonna take a little bit, not a lot just about that, and there’s a right and a wrong way of applying treatment to your under eyes.

You do not want to rub it in you, wan na garbage in okay. So I’m. Let me come close and show you just dab the treatment with your fingers and you’re gonna go right up under the eyes. Just dab it on almost as if you are pressing it into the skin.

Okay, so just press it and dab it, and there you have it now when it comes on to taking care of the areas around your eyes. This is not the only place you want to put it. You also want to close your eyelid and you want to dab it above okay, so you’re gonna dab, the top dab it on the top dab it on the top.

Also and guess to remove Dark Circles what far those wrinkles and fine lines that we are talking about most of the time, this is where they are, so you want to dab the treatment around the area. Also so go a little wide when you’re, treating the areas around your eyes go all the way on top of your cheekbone right here, just dab, it dabs it above your under your brow, bone right in the crease and right up on There, okay, so that’s.

The way you apply your wonderful eyes, treatment now. For me, I use this twice per day. I use it at night and I use it in the daytime. I also use this under makeup now, when you are applying this for your under makeup.

You want to use just a little you don’t want it to be too greasy, because, yes, it is gonna be greasy and you just dab it on. Just as I show you much less than what I use today right and then you apply your makeup over it all right, so continue to use this treatment as often as you can for best result now.

Another wonderful thing about this treatment is that if you wake up one morning and you find that you have puffy eyes and you really want to get rid of them like really really fast, what you need to do, you need to take a little bit.

You need to warm it on your hands, just rub. It rub it until it feel warm, and you want to apply it right over where you have the puffiness on the ID. You’re gonna leave it there for about an hour or two, and then you’re gonna notice that it’s gonna get rid of that puffiness really really fast.

So this also can be a quick fix to get rid of those tired, puffy eyes and Remove Dark Circles. Okay, another wonderful thing that I use this far. I think yes, I like to use this all over is to get rid of my mouth wrinkles like right here once I do.

My eyes – and I do this with every single eye, cream or eye serum that I use. I use it in my laugh lines right here. Also so don’t be afraid to just put this in your lash lines. Okay, so there you have it.

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