Watch this Great video on Reduce Wrinkles with Anti-Aging Facial Exercises To Look Much Younger

This is a wonderful information on how to look younger naturally by Dr. Mandell who says It is beautiful to have beautiful skin. Unfortunately, as we get older, our collagen continues to diminish, bringing out those wrinkles and that saggy skin. Although there are things that we can do particularly today to help combat that to build those muscles to increase collagen, to increase nourishment, as well as oxygen to the cells within our face, that’s, going to keep you looking beautiful.

There are many muscles in our face that we must address. If we don’t use it, we lose it. So let’s. Move on to these yoga sculpting exercises to help strengthen and stretch these muscles, so take your thumbs.

Put it next to your nose underneath the cheekbone we’re, going to lift up nice and firm push up drop your jaw down all the way down. You feel that nice stretch hold it down for 10 seconds. Good. You’ll, feel pressure.

Release behind your nose come off a little bit to the right push up in the cheekbone drop the jaw down again, 10 more seconds, you’ll, feel pressure, move off into the facial area, good and our last one come off another half inch or So on the outer cheekbone we’ll.

Do the same thing bring our chin far down as we can push up firmly with our thumbs. Let’s. Go good! Give a nice stretch under there. Mm-Hmm [, Music, ] beautiful, feel that sensation wow you’ll, feel all that vasodilation that blood supply come to that whole area.

Your whole maxillary region behind your nasal area. What a great feeling now this next exercise is dynamic. We’re, going to target lots of different muscles. We’re, going to focus around the jaw and the mouth region we’re, going to take our thumb, push it into the jaw area.

I want you to jut the jaw backwards, push it in now when i open the mouth, and i close it, we’re going to push in and down when we close our mouth, i’m, going to open it, and now, as I close my mouth light resistance with your thumb like this open push in as you close and down open in and down, so resisting our mouth from closing open push down and in as i close my mouth down and in as i close my mouth, you’re going to do 15 of those.

Now we’re, going to focus the upper maxillary area and the eyes all these muscles around the eye. Orbits, take the pads of your fingers and put it below your eyes, and you’re going to pull down. So when you pull down, i want you to lift your eyes as much as you can against resistance like this hold.

It come back down again hold it up, you feel it stretching come back down. You may look a little funny, but it’s very good. For you, pull down look up. Come back down up come back down. You’re, going to do that for 30 seconds.

Now. You should be feeling lots of tingling and blood supply throughout the whole area. Let’s head down to the jaw area. This is very powerful. We’re, going to take our fingers and start on the outside of the jaw and just pinch all the way to the chin and come back out.

I want you to keep pinching like this all these different areas as you go in and out, you can come under the jaw and above the jaw and just keep pinching for 30 seconds back and forth. We’re, increasing lots of blood circulation.

Lots of nerve stimulation going to the brain, the brain, sending impulses back to that area to help promote more collagen production, and the last part is going to surprise you. Why? Because we’re going to work with our ears, we’re, going to stimulate the brain.

It’s called auricular therapy by stimulating points throughout the years you’re gonna feel many different positive changes throughout your entire body. So take your thumb and second finger both hands and contact the lower part of your ears.

We’re, going to pinch and pull and release pinch and pull and just keep doing that for about 10 to 15 seconds and we’re. Stimulating those auricular points. Very powerful points come on up a little higher pinch and pull out pinch and pull grab it and keep pulling out beautiful.

Okay, keep pulling out come a little higher up, pull out pinch and pull all these different points go to different areas within your body and by stimulating these areas we’re, stimulating the brain and the last one we’re going to Go up on top pinch and pull out about 10 more seconds good pinch and pull beautiful a few more great one, more great feel that sensation feel that tingling.

You will see amazing changes not only within your face, but throughout your whole entire body practice. These exercises daily, please share this with your friends and family, leave your comments below and most important make it a great day

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