Watch this video on Safe over 40 Home Workout with Bullworker any time anywhere.

Now I’m, going to show you some more exercises that are completely unique and safer with the bull worker, I have had one for years and it’s a proven home workout with any impact or wear and tear on your body. Its also light versatile and travel friendly, take it anywhere.

You cannot do these exercises with free weights. Let’s turn around. Let’s, compress it on the lower. This brings the whole back end.

There are primary and secondary muscles all engaged at once. Let’s, go behind the neck. You cannot do these with free weights the way you can with this Safe over 40 Home Workout with Bullworker. Look at how the whole back is engaged. Let’s. Go high again different sets of muscles, but everything.

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Jumping out turn around. Let’s. Go low flies, look! How everything’s engaged primary secondary from the navel all the way to the top chest I can’t. Do this with dumbbells can’t? Do this with barbell overhead all right, let’s, show a little cable pull up on it, so we’re, not always pressing on it, pull it apart.

Now this is primary, a back exercise, but look how everything is gauged front and back let’s. Go high! Kyler’s, excellent! How about a little Archer hold that pull hold, that pull, see how we can see it all come in excellent.

Now let’s, sit down, let’s, show a lat pulldown, let’s, show we can isolate the last. You cannot do this with dumbbells look how this jumps out arms lats primary les, all right now let’s, take the lower abs and let’s.

Just lift the knee up. This works the lower ab, the yetis working the arms. He’s, working the lats whole body’s engaged and last let’s, not forget the crunches. You cannot do crunches with a dumbbell or a barbell.

All the extra muscles involved not just isolating the side now the front bringing in the shoulders the abs. You cannot do this with barbells or dumbbells. These are just a few more exercises that are unique to the bulwark.

Walker is very versatile and that’s. One great thing I like about Safe over 40 Home Workout with a Bullworker. So if I want to work my biceps, I can do pretty much any muscle in my whole body with this thing, so I’ll, just pull it up like this, and I’m just pulling my arm in and I’m working, my biceps and not just my bicep, I’m.

I ran out of my left arm too, so my rib bicep is contracting isometrically and now I’m, doing a dynamic exercise, my right arm and that’s, not the only variation I have. I could also work my bicep to this way and now I’m working, my triceps on my left arm.

So the great thing about the Safe over 40 Home Workout with Bullworker is so many combinations. You can do it in so many different ways and so many movement patterns, but you can literally target every single muscle on your body. Its also light versatile and travel friendly, take it anywhere.