3 Best exercises To Lose Belly Fat after 50


3 Best exercises To Lose Belly Fat after 50

Are you finding it hard, then watch this video 3 BEST Exercises To Lose Belly Fat After 50 If you’re over fifty like me, you need to watch this video because I’m going to give you three great exercises that are gonna help. You get rid of that stubborn belly… Read Full Article Below

Are you finding it hard, then watch this video 3 BEST Exercises To Lose Belly Fat After 50

If you’re over fifty like me, you need to watch this video because I’m going to give you three great exercises that are gonna help. You get rid of that stubborn belly fat and also stick around at the end of the video, because I’m gonna give you another tip that’s.

Gon na help actually help you supercharge this process and guys, if you don’t follow that tip. At the end of this video, you’re gonna be incredibly frustrated because nothing, you do no matter how hard you work out.

It’s, not gonna work. You’re, not gonna lose that belly fat all right. So let’s start off with tip number one. It’s, simple gas. It’s called a sprinting. Now I don’t want you all to go out onto a track and just sprint.

As far as you can in a straight line, you’re gonna pull a muscle, a hamstring. Let me tell you I would so these are three exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home, no special equipment, and when I’m talking about sprinting, I’m talking about something called anabolic Spring.

Okay, sometimes I refer to it as anabolic cardio. Sometimes you’ll. Hear me talk about something called hit, which is high-intensity interval, training very similar concept, so guys there are tons of studies out there that talk about how great sprinting is for our hormone system.

That’s, the key guys. It really does supercharge our hormones and it increases our testosterone production. So guess what that does? That literally makes your body more efficient at using fat for energy and having more testosterone literally makes it easier to build muscle, okay, so another thing is that sprinting also creates something called EPOC, that’s EPOC and that stands for excess, post-exercise oxygen consumption.

So why don’t we care about that. Well, it creates something called an after burn effect. Basically, what it does is, after we stop our sprinting exercises. Our high intensity exercises. Your body actually maintains a than normal metabolism for hours and hours and hours after the workouts already done.

So. If you’re doing traditional workouts traditional steady-state cardio, you’re, not going to get that epoch or that afterburn effect, but sprinting anabolic cardio actually creates that and so guys it means that you’re, going to be burning.

More calories throughout the day, while you’re, just going about your normal business, whether you’re sitting in front of the computer or driving a car or watching TV, because you got that excess post-exercise post-exercise oxygen consumption going on.

Okay, so exercise number one sprinting guys it’s. A little different. I don’t want you jog it in place like this. Okay and I don’t want you doing high knees like this. I want you to be actually doing full-on 100 % sprinting as hard as you can, but only do it for twenty or thirty seconds, so real short time, sprint sprint as hard as you can stop catch your breath.

Do it over for several cycles. All right! I’m gonna change the camera angle, so you can get guys, can see exactly what I’m talking about all right. This is what I’m talking about, when I say, all-out 100 % sprinting in place, and I’m talking about it these finite.

As fast as you can go pumping those arms. Okay, I cannot go any faster than this. Okay. 100 % twenty to thirty seconds, give yourself about a minute or two break: do it all over again whoa three more times, I want four cycles.

Alright, let’s, move on to exercise number two, and that is mountain climbers. Now mountain climbers are absolutely fantastic. You don’t need any room to do. I mean just do them in your den and then in addition to really get your heart rate up like the springing in place.

Does mountain climbers also engage our core and our abs and it strengthens our entire midsection? So not only do we get the stronger, better, tighter, looking abs, but mountain climbers also trigger that same EPOC effect or afterburn effect, so it’s.

Gon na raise our metabolism for hours and hours and hours after we’ve, already finished doing the exercise so guys. Another study done by the Mayo Clinic says this exact same thing that I’ve been talking about.

It says that for elderly people in beginners doing this kind of high-intensity interval training is a fantastic way to build muscle, burn fat and improve your cardiovascular system. So all along is like get down on the ground.

Do some mountain climbers, for you? Alright guys follow along see if you can copy the form that I’m doing on these mountain climbers and I’m going to show you two different ways to do them so for some of you beginners, you could try the easy Way if you’re in better shape – or if you just happen to be really good to stuff, you can do the more difficult method.

Alright. So here we go. We’re gonna get in like we’re. Doing a cushion okay and all I’m going to do is bring one leg knee up, and I’m not going to touch the ground with my toe, see how my toes just off the ground come back same thing.

On the other side, my toe doesn’t touch, but my knee comes and you’re just gonna. Do it real fast, so we’re. Just gonna be bouncing back and forth. So you got ta kind of pop up on your feet and you’re bouncing it.

So I’m, bringing my knees up, but my feet: weren’t touching the ground, all right, let’s say that’s too hard for you. Let me show you take number two. So this is what you do. You’re in like a push-up position here and you’re gonna hop and bring the left foot up, and my foot is on the ground right now.

Okay, so I can hang like this for a while and then I’m just going to bounce and hop to the other side. So my foots on the ground – and I can just bounce back and forth doing mountain climbers with my feet on the ground, so two different ways to do.

It guys pick the way it works best for you, okay, but once you get into better shape, I want you to try to do it. The way I showed you, the first time where your feet, don’t actually touch the ground as you bring your knee up.

Alright. So just like this pretty in place same thing here guys, this is basically doing mountain climbers in place 20 seconds as fast as you can go. Alright, I don’t have a stopwatch here, so I’m just gonna guesstimate hi.

What do you think gasps? Can I do it here? We go. It works guys, trust me. How long was that 20-30 seconds anyway? I can feel the epoch. Kick it in now give yourself a couple minutes. Rest catch your breath once you do it again.

Three more times, but we need finish, I’ve, got to show you exercise number three, all right guys. The third and final exercise for today’s. Video are called bicycle cross crunches. Now this is probably one of my favorite.

You know go-to exercises for our abs and our core, and I really like it because it really does work all the muscles in our core and then like that got at least for me. It’s, really easy on my back. It doesn’t, put any strain.

My back don’t, put any strain on my neck, so guys I love this exercise and another thing: is it just burns a lot more calories than doing one of these static core exercises like planks, and so you get that EPOC effect.

Plus you’re burning, more calories, great all-around exercise, guys I’ll. Follow along. I’m gonna get down floor and show you exactly how to do this. Alright, guys, bye, simple cross crunches. This is the correct form.

Just follow along it’s, really pretty straightforward. It may feel awkward at first. If you ‘ Ve never done this, but I promise after you’ve done it a few times easy now. Remember I’m, not grasping for my fingers behind my head here.

I’m just putting my fingers on the side of my head and I’m, not trying to pull my head up to the world. I’m, not really cranking on the neck. Okay, so my fingers are just lightly touching this side of my head here.

Okay, keep my knees up in the air the whole time, and I’m just gonna slide. This side bring my knee back and my elbow from the opposite side and try to touch it. Okay, so bison will cross crunches and guys.

You can do them fast like this. If you want for 20 to 30 seconds or you can slow it down, either way it’s fantastic. You get a great burn in your abs, your entire core man, I’m feeling it and then you can speed it up.

All right by simple cross, crunches last exercise give yourself a minute or two rest and catch your breath and let your abs just kind of recuperate and then do it all over again. All right, I’m glad you stuck around for this final tip, because this really is critical guys.

If you don’t follow what I’m about to tell you all those other three exercises are not gonna solve your problem of that ugly belly fat, the tip is, you have to eat at a caloric deficit, and I don’t mean just occasionally: you need to eat at a caloric deficit on a day-in and day-out basis, guys you can have a cheat day if you messed up on a day or two don’t, give up get back on your routine.

So what does the caloric deficit guys? You have to make sure your bring more calories every day. Then you’re consuming as simple as that. The problem is calculating of those two numbers, Bert the amount of calories you burn is pretty straightforward.

Take your body weight in pounds multiplied by 15, and that is roughly what you burn on an average day. You guys want to get more accurate. You can go out and buy one of those watches these fit watches to track your heart rate throughout the day and the number of steps you take those watches or give you a more accurate representation.

How many calories you burn every day now the intake side? How many calories did we take in when we eat? This is how you do it. You have to keep a diary for two days that’s, it. I know it’s, a pain in the butt.

Once you do it, you’ll understand and you ‘ Ll know what your average daily intake is so right now everything you eat for two days and pick two average days. Okay and I mean write down everything and then at the end of those two days you know you’re gonna puter.

There’s, a bunch of simple apps on your computer and look up how many calories are in all that food that you ate. Then you can calculate what your average daily intake is, and you want the burn rate to be about 500 calories higher than your integrate Y, because 500 calories a day is a really easy to get rid of.

Okay. That’s, not many calories. You can easily cut 500 calories out of your diet on an average day and not feel hungry, okay and then, secondly, 500 calories a day times, seven days a week, 3,500 calories a week.

So why is that cool? Guess what 3,500 calories equals one pound of fat? So gasps, if you can burn one pound of fat a week, it doesn’t sound like much, but that is fantastic. It’s, a great way to accomplish your goal and then keep that fat off so guys.

Thanks for sticking around and really hope, you appreciated the video and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel post some comments below like it share with your buddies and remember always stick with it and don’t give up on yourself.

If you find it a bit boring sprinting on the spot, then why not have a look at some treadmills here.

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