Watch this video when Novak Djokovic talks about the Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet

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Let’s start by talking to you about the Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet, back to 2007 at the time, you’re third in the world next year, you and your first Grand Slam, but no matter what you try it. I believe at the time whether that’s, lifting weights biking for hours, changing coaches.

I think you underwent nasal surgery to improve breathing fast forward to the 2010 Australian Open, which I think was one of the lowest points of your career. At the time, tell me about a doctor that was watching that tournament on television that changed everything for you.

Yes, his name is Igor Treadway, which and for some reason I in Australian, particularly I was always struggling very early in my career with the respiratory issues. Kind of mild the version of asthma and just suffocation during the night for many years since I was seven years old in for some reason, you know, as a time was passing by all these allergies were gaining more.

I guess intensity in terms of the reaction. I felt that it was just getting stronger and stronger and the place where I felt that the most was always a tennis court and that’s. Where you know, emotions kick in expectations pressure and when you mix it all together, you get formula that is causing you to to really experiencing experience some some major health problems and issues on the court and and because of it, I I was retiring matches and I Was it took me a lot of time to recover so dr.

Igor, reached out to people about the benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet that we have some friends in common and they reached out to my parents? And you know when I met him. I did a couple of sessions and you know, felt really a big difference.

That was the first time that I got introduced to the quantum quantum physics, the quantum field world to the biofeedback. He had all these analysis and overview of my emotional body of my mental body, of my physical on all the food allergies and everything that I was experiencing.

And so we started slowly taking off layer by layer and really going deep into things that are related to my health and trying to understand more about the Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet, what is the core of it. So, of course, diet was one of the most integral part of the problem, and and changing the diet was a something that allowed me to get rid of the allergies and everything particularly gluten and dairy that I removed from my diet and refined sugar.

And so it was, it was a change, but I was very determined because I could feel instantly the Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet right after the first session second session with him. I could. I could sense that there is an improvement. The family was initially concerned when you were losing, yeah right.

Yes, yes, they they were initially concerned, and I was actually slightly started. You know starting to get rid of the red meat as well, because I felt like I had also. I had to put a lot of energy and effort into digestive process too, to digest the meat so and, and that would take a lot of essential energy that I need, for.

You know for my focus for the recovery for the next training session or for the next match that that was the the the the initial point of the journey. That got me to the point where I am at the moment where I’m eating plant-based.

To reap the Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet you know there. I’m, not eating any animal product, so it was a really interesting journey that started when, when you mentioned in 2010, what do you eat in an average day today? Well, I I start off always when I, when I rise from the bed.

I start with warm water and lemon, so I can help my body detoxify and then I would have celery juice on an empty stomach and then I would make a break in and I would have my my smoothie green smoothie, with different algae and and and different Fruits and superfoods great supplements that I use that.

Allow me to have mental clarity. You know feeling good longevity, I guess and and different benefits on health and I eat a lot of fruits for the first part of the day. Salads I don’t like to eat any food that would require much of a much energy for digestion, especially in the first part of the day, because that’s when I need the most energy for my training.

So I’m, keeping things quite light and I would have probably like you know so: the grains like quinoa and millet and wild rice, sweet potato and normal potato-like steamed or boiled which delivered some Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet

Finally, Novak Djokovic is one of my favourite sports stars, and no one can argue about what he has achieved so perhaps get some Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet.

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