Home Workout Plan for Type 2 Diabetes


Home Workout Plan for Type 2 Diabetes

Watch Video on Home Workout Plan for Type 2 Diabetes offers Real Health Benefits Hi, my name is Moran, and today I’m going to share with you Type 2 Diabetes Home Workout exercises for type 2 diabetes exercise which is really important if you have type 2 diabetes, because when… Read Full Article Below

Watch Video on Home Workout Plan for Type 2 Diabetes offers Real Health Benefits

Hi, my name is Moran, and today I’m going to share with you Type 2 Diabetes Home Workout exercises for type 2 diabetes exercise which is really important if you have type 2 diabetes, because when you use the energy in your body to build muscle and move, you’re, going to use more glucose in your bloodstream. Free info on Diabetes Freedom

Home Workout Plan for Type 2 Diabetes is going to really help control your blood sugars. Also, we’re going to be building muscles, so we’re, going to focus on strength, training and getting our heart rate up, because that’s, also going to take more glucose to maintain that muscle now, so it’s all really good in the long run, and the sooner that you do it and the more frequently that you do it and stay consistent that easier. Free info on Diabetes Freedom

It’s, going to get you feeling really good. So we’re, just going to focus on a circuit is kind of high intensity. But if you’re brand new to this don’t be worried. It’s, gonna be really good for you and we can ease into it as slowly and gently and softly as we want, and we can make it as difficult as we want to.

This is just a very basic workout, with exercises for Home Workout Plan for Type 2 Diabetes that is going to work Your whole body, it’s, going to work your core and your cardio, and it’s, going to be very efficient in doing all of these things. Free info on Diabetes Freedom

So I’m just going to go over the basic movements. This is going to be circuit. One. We’re, going to run through two circuits. So would you circuit one? We’ll, go through it a few times together and then we’ll district it to you.

So the first movement of this Home Workout Plan for Type 2 Diabetes is just a squat. We’re, just going to stand with our feet, shoulder-width apart and then bending the knees you’re, going to push your hips back as if you’re in city to chair. Let’s, go ahead and raise our hands up and out so that it counterbalances our way to continue to bend at the knees and our chest going to slightly fall down it’s.

Gon na be straight still are backwards, go straight, but it’s not going to be like this. We’re. Just we’re, going to let it kind of tilt downwards of it and focus on trying to get a 90 degree angle of your life.

Standing up. You’re, going to exhale, squeezing the glutes squeezing the core protect that spine work. That core, if this seems too difficult to you, you’re.

More than welcome to use a chair, I highly recommend making sure it’s not going to slide put up against a wall or on the carpet and don’t sit all the way in so the best way to do this is to Sit at the very edge the chair more about 90-degree angle with your legs, putting your heels right, underneath your knees, bring your hands out straight in front of you and with big inhale and then exhale stand up inhale as you go down slowly and you can

To do this Home Workout Plan for Type 2 Diabetes you can Sit down if you like, but when you get good at this, you really just want to tap your butt to the chair to stand up so that’s, how you can start doing squats if you don’t feel comfortable doing without A chair, or somebody spotting you so the most important thing about squatting is to make sure you really engage that core engaging those boots and you’re breathing.

Free info on Diabetes Freedom

You’re exhaling as you come up that’s, really gonna protect your spine and your core. So the next exercise we’re, going to do after the squats it’s, just going to be a lunch twist. I’m, going to take a big step forward dip down twist over and then step back other leg down twist over exhales with that twist.

Looking that core stabilizing, that’s, fine, if you need to take a step in a quarter direction, that’s, going to give you more stability, more width in your stance. You can do so and if you need to use a chair or a wall that you can hold on to, you can even start without stepping just spreading your legs out.

Apart, from this and bending and twisting handing up you’re, not going to be able to alternate in this spot, but at least you can strengthen your muscles until you can get to the point where you’re.

Walking out to the lunch and then alternating the opposite leg, if you decide to start in a static lunch, just make sure that you switch legs and do the other side too. The next exercise in the set is going to be a squat side leg lift.

So we’re, going to do the squat already nice little squat, we’re just going to gently lift our leg to the side. What this is going to do is going to work the abductor and adductor, which is also your glutes in our outer parts of your hamstrings.

So when we lift, you want to make sure you don’t, kick it’s? Okay, if you can’t, go really high. You can just lift to where you feel your muscles flex and then the next little squat you can go deep in the squat as you want, or you feel comfortable just a little spot.

A little lift a little spot low lift again, you can put a chair in front of you if you need to hold on to it. There’s, no problem with that. I really just want to focus on these muscles and, lastly, we’re just going to do some jumping jacks a nice light, jumping jacks full arm range of motion with arms.

If you need to slow it down that’s, good just start somewhere and build yourself up don’t have to go crazy, just move a little bit any little that you do is going to be really good for your body and, If you feel like that’s too hard, you can just do little bounces like this.

So let’s, go ahead and do this set together. One time before, moving on to the circuit, I’m, going to do 10 of each exercise. If we’re doing something like the lunge, we’re, going to focus on doing 10 on each leg.

So let’s start with a squat type core tight glutes inhale, sit back good exhale remember to go at your own pace. I’m, going to go out a certain pace, but if you need to slow it down slow it down, if you need to go faster, you can pick it up to it.

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Make sure you keep those heels on the ground. Hit your glutes button. Your hips back really far that core tight and then exhale at the top one more good. Let’s, go ahead and lunch twist right here again, if you need to do static, that’s! Fine, if you need something to hang on to that’s, fine too big step, good step back other leg.

Hi that’s. Fun make sure your back knee doesn’t touch the ground, make sure you’re lunging down into the lunch, and you’re, not leaning in any way you’re straight up and down it’s a down up, motion down and keep your shoulders over your hips nice chest up shoulders back, make sure you really twist into that core.

If you need to take a break, that’s, fine take a short break couple breaths and then get right back into it, and I believe this is our last one fill yourself sweating already. This is what you want. Let’s.

Do one more just in case: we want our heart pumping a little bit increase that blood flow and that oxygen flow takes around a little squat leg lifts. Remember it’s, not about kicking it’s about lifting your leg does not need to be entirely straight good.

How do you feel nice, big, exhale yeah for more on each side? Three more now tight core. All the time exhaling is going to help move that tight core last one should be controlled, good, big breath and let’s jumping-jack 30 times here we go 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Again, if you need to slow down that’s, fine, if you feel like 15, is better that’s. Fine too, I’m gonna pick up the pace. A little bit. 16 17. Go at your own pace. Push yourself a little but don’t, kill yourself, touch your hands at the top and at the bottom, on your thumbs as well.

Good whoo. Now you’re going to do is take it 30 to 60 second break. Before doing that stroke, it again 2 more time, so this next cut is not nearly as cardio intense. We’re, going to focus on tagging the rest of our body, which is going to be our chest in our shoulders.

Our a weeks as well as some of our back so let’s. Go ahead. While you’re, taking a break, I ‘ Ll. Show you what the exercises are. The first exercise is going to be push-ups. You’re gonna find position lower yourself exhale.

If a push-up is too much, you can bring your knees down. I really recommend to keep your feet together. Have the ankles without crossing just keep them nice and together, keep your back flat still you can push up from here, but that’s too difficult, bring yourself to a table close your knees right under your hips and just slowly lower your forehead to The ground and push up, if that’s too difficult, find a wall or table that you can put your hands on doesn’t matter. Free info on Diabetes Freedom

What level you’re at! We can find any place to start. So this is really good, just get flat, bring yourself down and this time your bellies and goes to the ground instead of your chest or use a wall. The next exercise, since we’re already down in this position, is going to be these overextend.

So this is: what’s going to happen. Your hands are here, you’re, going to push it over to ten, and then you’re, going to squeeze your shoulder blades together, squeeze let’s. Go like this when you’re on the ground, it is so important that you don’t, stick your neck out when you do this and that your back does not sag.

So you want to keep it flat if you can’t, keep it flat move down. Just like you would in a push-up position like this or right here, these ones you can perform on the wall as well. Next exercise we’re.

Just going to turn around keeping our feet flat on the ground, you can put your hands in prayer position in front of your chest, lean back and touch the ground touch. It touch yoga the Russian twist if you want them to feel more difficult, lift your ankles off the ground, don’t cross them Kimo, just together at the ankles and do the same, and if it’s too difficult for you, you Can sit up more if you’re, not comfortable sitting on the ground you can perform these in a chair.

All you need to do is sit on the edge of the chair, lean back a little bit and touch the side of the chair, which is that a chair like so after that we’re just going to do some butt kicks it’s like jogging in place, but I really want to focus on trying to keep your buglar your heels, but that’s too difficult, go ahead and keep them rocking side to side.

So let’s, go ahead and run through this. At one time together, I’m, going to do 10 of each and then 30 of the butt kicks just kind of like last time. Let’s, go ahead and start with the push-ups. Here we go what exhale on the bush? Two three: four: five: six seven go at your own pace: hey nine, ten good, macerate, anterior salir over two thin hair with arms, page two legs hand out it’s.

Very small lotion will help keep our posture up this one feeling the core. Let’s, turn around and give you the Russian twist. Here we go 10 on each side, pull one two three four make sure you touch the ground, get that full range squeeze.

It adds three more two last one good. Let’s. Go ahead and butt kick 30 times here. We go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14. Chest up tight core, keep, breathing nice and heavy deep and consistent 8.

7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Good job guys make sure you take a good grade and then repeat that circuit two more times. So as previously, we discussed how vital it is for you to make sure you get moving and build muscle exercising that body on a regular basis.

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The cool thing is: if this feels like it’s too much or you simply don’t have the time you’re, more than welcome to break it up during your day start your day with just 10 15 minutes Cycle through that first circuit three times, and then you can do the other circuit later.

However, you want to break it up, make sure you’re moving at least thirty minutes a day five days a week. You can also include activities that you enjoy. Such as going for walks any sports or leisure that you like to do, make it fun and make it consistent, make it a lifestyle choice that you can change and that you can see yourself implementing for the rest of your life.

So thank you guys for watching this Type 2 Diabetes Home Workout I hope that helps you and I hope you enjoyed these exercise tips for diabetes too. Well, see you next time.

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