20 min Full Body Beginners Stretch


20 min Full Body Beginners Stretch

I’m here, to take you through this video, a Quick 20 full-body beginners stretch for all levels. This is really suitable for everybody, and full-body stretch is something you should be doing daily if you are over 40 years old. I know how important stretching is, but it really is… Read Full Article Below

I’m here, to take you through this video, a Quick 20 full-body beginners stretch for all levels. This is really suitable for everybody, and full-body stretch is something you should be doing daily if you are over 40 years old.

I know how important stretching is, but it really is universal for good, joint health and quality of life. As we all get older stretching is one of the things you should really be incorporating to keep fit healthy and well, so let’s.

To get going with this 20 min Full Body Beginners Stretch, all you need is a mat. Starting with your feet in parallel, taking our hands back behind your head, we’re, going to loosen off through our spine. Just take a bend in the knees and draw the elbows in and make a c-shape With your upper back chin really tucked into your chest, hold it here. Get rid of all the tension and tightness now. In reverse, straighten up the knees and open the elbows. push the chest of a ceiling and stretch across those shoulder points again. bend at the Knees tucks the chin to the chest.

Elbows come in and wrap around your heart release across those shoulders, then opening up again press the chest towards the ceiling up toward the sky and take those fingertips to the shoulders. Now, as if you’re drawing circles through the air, with the edge of your elbow good up and back up and back so immobilizing between our shoulders or so many of us get tight sitting at the computers sitting over desks.

Good up and back. Well done this time it’s increased the range of this movement. So, as we take the contraction collapse, the hands drop. The body head goes down in the reverse class. The hands behind your back.

If you can’t quite get there yet, just push the chest forward and release. If you can clasp and stretch across again, deeper stretching between those shoulder points, I take the hands again and create that C shape.

So you’re. Drawing the belly button back head comes forward, then create the biggest distance you can between your hands in your middle back, push away chest go skywards and this time actually release the hands.

Full circles extended levers up and back for one good big, a range of motion here: releasing between the shoulders good up and back nice circle and the other shoulder can follow through to keep that motion going up and back up and back now we’re taking into full swing arms go forward.

Chest go skywards, get a stretch, as you open up. Give me three more just like this, swinging forward, increasing our circulation, filling those lungs good all the way forward, and take it back. The fourth and final one, Seanie’s arms forward, open across the chest and this time taking the hand to the hip lengthen arm towards the ceiling, stretching out those intercostal muscles, bigger lung capacity, good stretch to the side and looking twice more pad through the feet and lengthening up.

Last time pad, through the feet, lengthen up and this time flicks the palm and holds it here. Take your other hand grab your wrist and deepen into that stretch. As you exhale out again lengthening out those intercostal muscles, the one between your ribs creating distance from your hips and your ribcage good, coming up releasing at the top, let’s.

Take that on one more time for swings for reaches and side stretching. Here we go full and release. good start to the decrease in circulation and open and again forward check skywards, mobilizing those shoulder joints up and over.

Let’s stretch the sky, I’ll turn it arm pad, through the heel hand, to the hip stretch from the hip to the ends of the fingers pad and press. The final stretch towards the ceiling, this time flex the palm and hold It here.

Can you deepen that stretch on the exhale breath, lengthen out from the hip to heel up to your hand, well done coming back to Center and open up, and this time turn the heels inwards, the feet go outwards, arms across, take a bend in the leg, so natural turnout Here and draw up imagine your arms are like your loans.

Exhale inhale well. Take that plie melt into it. Warming, those big muscle groups, one final one, take a plie to hover and hold it here, and a big long, lunging quarter, bra arm comes up and over hand to hip again stretching out and looking out past the elbow Hold it there before three two and one well Done it takes your side plant your heel, down to the floor now, in this stretch, press the back heel into the floor leg from the car hips are forward weight over your front leg.

This might be enough for you right now, but if you’re ready to come with me, interlace those hands fill those lungs and look towards the sky, stretching gently back open across those shoulders again and then, in the reverse stretch your front leg.

You can put the weight into the hand pressing into the thigh or if you can walk it, lower and hands on either side of your front leg. We’re, eventually working to get this nose, touching the shin, but stick at a level that’s comfortable for you hover and hold it here deep breath in exhale out and feel the length into the back of the hamstring.

In the reverse, we’re gonna bend the back knee down and draw the front toes up and again you have two options. You can rest into your front, thigh butts! Think of a long straight back and if you spiring out at the top of the head, if you’re, increasing your flexibility daily, come with me, grab those toes and draw them back towards me.

Get a deeper stretch with this 20 min Full Body Beginners Stretch into the back of that extended leg into the car into the hamstring and on the release. The toes go flat to the floor: hands either side of your front leg, step the back leg, back, staying on daily point in a nice natural stretch into your hip flexor into your quad hold it here and again.

We have three options you can build up to. You can either stay here or you can lower your back knee getting a slightly deeper stretch into the hip flexor and the quad. If you’re feeling well on balance, take the hands to the front thigh, keeping those hips pushed forward to maximize that stretch.

Again, we have one third and final option: can you take the same? Porter bra we took an archaeon chin, goes skywards, keeping that balance, keeping that focus and the same thing again, waterfall those hands either side of your front leg, lift the back knee up and step the leg back to join the leg, an extended plank.

Do the tummy and press the shoulders down that’s, keeping the feet close together, bend at the knees and drop the hips towards me stretch across those glutes nice mobilization of the lower back here and back to our central alignment holding your core strong Again, we bend at the knees and drop the hips to the opposite side and stretch across those glutes.

This time continues down, drops the hips to the floor, swings the legs around and joins the soles of the feet together, sitting up tall, better, creating some resistance, but we open up into these repetition elbows into knees.

So you’re, pushing in with the knees outwards with the hands hovering and holding it here, creating that resistance. This is not a comfortable position for you to sit in so using a small cushion or a yoga block.

Just underneath your bottom, press and hold and on the release, take hold of the ankles and use your elbows to gently open up into those hip sockets again, a small cushion underneath the bottom can keep you in more correct positions.

This stretch, if you’re, not super flexible. Yet we’ll work on it together, gently opening up through those heads and one more time resetting it to create the resistance. it’s, a great way to stretch add resistance and then release the length of those muscle fibres.

Just a little more hover and hold and release gently press those elbows open into the knees enjoy that stretch and then extend one leg outcome to a tall seated position. Porter others, arms out take a big side.

Pull run slide your hand as far as it’ll go down the leg, looking up towards the top elbow, and again if you’re able to draw those toes back and gently pull them towards you. Try to wrap this chest forward and open towards the sky. good holding there Feel the length in the side of the body give a length in the inner thigh stretching into the calf and then reversing point.

The toe come off this stretch and place the hand behind you swing the Sun past your chest and pushes the hips forward again, lengthening out into those hip flexors you reach in opposition towards the back corner and lengthen from fingertip to toe.

Well done, as you lower down one more stretch in getting into this IT band if you can manoeuvre to bend this knee back behind you just pull away and get this very hard to get you region, our IT band which connects right down into our kneecap.

If it gets too tight, it can pull it out tracking. We can get knee problems, it’s great to keep. It was a hard one to get two. If you want to increase this stretch down to the forearm and again, reaching back towards the corner, hold for four four three two and one excellent and, as you come up, just extend this leg out and round again and it onto our fronts, move your hands to your Plank position again before we come there, just tuck those toes underneath get a gentle rock back stretch out to those metatarsal into the balls, the feet up until your kitties and the calf gently rock forward and one more time we rock it back press the heel down Towards the floor as closely little gat and rocket forward tuck, both toes underneath working with a sequence back down in the reverse, to come to standing like everything again, so we bend at the hips drop to the side, draw everything back to centre again, bend at the hips Stretch across those glutes mobilize that lower back and back to centre this time, lifting the bottom high, sending those heel towards the floor, flatten out or upper back now.

The important thing is trying to get these heels down to the floor. So if they’re, not quite there, you can step them in another inch and try to get that pyramid, shape good start to walk the feet, alternately in towards the hands and coming up away that’s comfortable for you.

If you need to take a little bend in those knees, do but keep that tummy engaged as you roll up to protect your back vertebra at a time coming up to standing roll the shoulders up and back for one take a little bend of the legs increase.

The range back for two and third one arms all the way up and releasing to the ceiling well done coming to face me plant those feet back where we began. We’re. Taking this whole thing on the second side, hands behind your head.

Can we go a little further, this time to the spine, feel more mobile bend at the knees drop these elbows in and hold exhale out breathing in fill the lungs open chest towards the sky again up over elbows wrap in chesco skywards open up, take the hands Down towards your shoulders, starting as it on we circle back up, well up and back up and around.

If you could ring perfect circles with a piece of chalk on the end of your elbow increase, the range grabs the hands suck it back contract make that C shape. Mobilize that back and get rid of tension. Then, if you can clasp the hands, if not just come to that bow of a ship position, if you can press your release and go a little deeper again, clasp the hands, pull the tummy backdrop the head, make that C shape and then recover hands behind You push away from your middle spine feeling a little looser a little warmer gets per spiral.

Those arms back up and back should feel a little freer, now, second, set circle: big arms through the air up and back up and back last one up and back reaching out. We step for one good press / a little faster.

Now we move through this sequence and press hold it here, flex the hand grab the wrist draw away in the opposite direction, lengthen out and back up through your Center swing. It forward and release forward and release good circulation going now and open up forward and start alternate side, press and lengthen out through the feet stretch to the ceiling, look towards your top hand and hold the last one flex.

The palm take hold at the wrists lengthen out that side from hip right to the heel of your hand, well-done hover and hold it here, coming back to Center opening out and this time, turning our heels in our toes outwards.

One more time: arms come across the chest: that’s, demi plie, open hips and send it down for one and draw up again for two imagine those arms are like lungs, so they match your inhale and your exhale good, Demi and stretch final time.

Take your Demi plie hover and hold it here, good big quarter, bra up and over to the side and look up past your top hand. Good. If you want to increase this stretch as you progress, you can always go a little deeper reach to the side.

Well done good turning to face the side, pull out the back heel down, hips go forward stretch into that back! Half hold it here. If you want to increase this stretch again, clasp the hands and the head and chest up towards the sky.

Well done as you release water for those arms up and over your front leg, extend the back toe back, feel that nice stretch into the hip flexor and into the quad of the second side. Again, three options: you can hold it here.

If you want to come with me, we lower that leg. You can stay with this. We’ll, take the hands off to the thigh. If you want to build up to this, this is fine. This is a daily threat. We’ll work on. If you’re feeling ready, interlace those hands and try for that full extension.

Skywards chest goes up deep breath in as you exhale out, take the hands either side of your front foot and extend the back toe back strong across that plank shoulders pressed down, take a bend in the knees and drop hips to the side stretch across those glutes Draw everything back to Center and one more time stretch across the gluts, and this time we lower the hip to the floor.

We swing those legs around back soles. The feet together, lifted tall up towards the ceiling, create some resistance press. The palms together push the elbows out into the knees and hold it there for four keep pushing three tension into those muscles.

Because then we’re going to release it, enjoy it even more press those elbows out open up into those hips, gentle rock. If that feels good, one more time create resistance pressure through the palms elbows pushed into the knees hold it keep that resistance on and then release it off open out either side good, sit up tall, remember a small block underneath your bottom or a cushion will help Get this position, so you can sit up tall open that second leg flex: the foot, if you can and slide all the way down towards it, now try to get this feeling of chest press towards the ceiling.

So we don’t. Let everything drop forward, let those lungs expand so important. At the moment moment, lung health extend and release in the opposition take the hand behind you sweep this arm across your body.

Push the hips forward and lengthen back behind you. Opposition stretch here cross your hip flexors across your torso. I’m really good as you come down just bend this knee back at an angle that’s comfortable for you push those hips forward – and this might be enough here for you to get a nice stretch across the IT band which Connects down to the kneecap keeping that loosened off make sure we have good tracking of our knees.

If you want to relax back into that forearm and again reach towards the back corner. Lengthen out stretch hold for four hold for three for two feel nice and energized. For the warmth of the Sun, wherever your doing this stretch, try and take deep breaths and put yourself in that happy place where ever it is for you coming up, extend that leg and this time coming up and over place.

The back foot on the ball of the foot and gently rock the weight back get a deeper stretch into the calf, stretching to the ball of the foot, to releasing off those metatarsals. So in the body weight forward and one more time deepen that stretch and this time as you come forward step, the other leg back and find your plank well done.

Final time stretch across the glutes mobilize that lower back engage the core to draw you back to your central alignment once more. Second side draw everything back to Center and this time lift your bottom high press the heels flat and find that Pike position that give the head a little shake from side to side, try and flatten out those shoulders.

So we’re, aiming to get that last hump in the back, pressed flat towards the floor start to work those heels individually down to the floor lengthen the backs of the legs and coming up, however, is comfortable for you.

You may want to use your hands. You may want to bend those legs but engage the tummy drawer in to protect that lower back roll, your shoulders up and back and it’ll bend in the knees up and back then increasing that range.

One. More time chest towards the ceiling well done come to face me and find a natural turnout for you see. If you can close your eyes, you might feel a slight sway until you find that stillness hold it there good open your eyes.

If you can just test up Demi point, think of length and energy coming out of the top of your head, look getting taller, even as you lower to the floor, keep that length and lift for the rest of the day. Finally, we hope you enjoyed this 20 min Full Body Beginners Stretch. For great articles like this please subscribe to our newsletter.

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