Beginner Bodyweight Workout (MUST TRY) School of Calisthenics


Beginner Bodyweight Workout (MUST TRY) School of Calisthenics

A must watch Video beginner’s, bodyweight workout from the School of Calisthenics with Tim, Georgie, and Jacko. Whoever is we’re, going to show you six exercises using a portable pull-up for access in three different positions. There’s loads of different movements. We can get involved in. So let’s. Get going… Read Full Article Below

A must watch Video beginner’s, bodyweight workout from the School of Calisthenics

with Tim, Georgie, and Jacko. Whoever is we’re, going to show you six exercises using a portable pull-up for access in three different positions.

There’s loads of different movements. We can get involved in. So let’s. Get going so we’re, going to use the chin up. We’ve got the rack set on its highest position and we’re, going to use a band for the first exercise.

Beginner Bodyweight Workout MUST TRY School of Calisthenics
Beginner Bodyweight Workout (MUST TRY) School of Calisthenics 2

Then we’re, going to show you a couple of progressions on from there. So joy just loop, the band through she’s, going to pull it down. Feet are gonna go in to support it. This chin up grip, isn’t taking us under hand, position, nice and strong, and she’s, just gonna drop in and then pull herself up top position.

If you need more support, you can just use a thicker band and we can just start to then fear that pushing conscious that we are lowering down under control and we’re, not just allowing ourselves to go too slack and pour into the bottom Position if we’re feeling stronger, we can do this as well.

We can just take off the out and the bands slide it to the side and we’ll. Just get George’s to show as a progression. If she pulls through and again, you’ve got opportunity hitter to wear that eccentric phase as you pull up and then lower yourself down and a controller shows these things you want, George see it comes up, and then she’s.

Just going to drop in nice and slow, she drops down to push him and that’s. Our progress ins using a band all going free with bodyweight, only fake going through the hanging leg, raise Tim’s. Just gonna hang from the bar make sure that his shoulders are active, so it is lift up and then from this active position, he’s, gonna tuck the knees into the chest and lower back down when he lowers down.

He’s, lowering down nice and controlled, and if he wants to make it more challenging from here, he can extend the legs out and take them all the way up and then back down again lowering down nice and controlled to avoid any swinging.

In the bottom, the other thing you’ll notice. Is he’s looking forward the whole time he’s, not letting the head right all the way back, so that’s. Your hanging knee raise or hanging leg raise so first two exercises are done: let’s, take it from the top level and drop it down to the halfway point.

So we’ve lowered the beginners rack to the middle height, and then we’re, going to go through some dips. So, to begin with, just take a band and, as you place it across the two bars first of all, pull it quite tight.

Make sure that you’ve got a full palm grip over the top, so that bond doesn’t going anywhere and then from there we’re gonna get the knees into the band to support some of our body Weight from here, Jaco is just gonna, send the elbows back and the chest down and then push back up to full extension at the top notice at the top.

What he’s not doing is sinking down into the shoulders. He’s, really pressing his ears up to the ceiling and then from there it goes back down into his dips and in the elbows behind pushing back up to full extension.

So from here we can give a negative dip variation ago. Just take the band away, jump your body to the top nice and active through the shoulders at the top and then from here send the elbows back nice and slow down into the bottom.

If you’ve got plenty of strength here, feel free to push up to the top and do the full dip just like, and that’s, your tip all right. So we’re hanging out with Georgie on the beginners rack at this second level, where one of the great things I love about the versatility of this high is some of the rowing and pulling exercises that we can do, and you get to support Yourself and build up some of that strength gradually, rather than just constantly trying to do puts and they feel too hard.

This is a great one where George is gonna use a feat to assist and help get up for the pull-up. So all the same, coaching cues are applies to the shoulders, are going to be put into that active position from this it’s.

Gon na drive the elbow down to the side that’s. What’s going to raise it up? Chest touches the bar and slowly controls back down there’s. No point in trying to rush these. We’re, trying to build strength, so we are going under control.

Keep in tension through the through the shoulders through the arms nice activation will do another nice one with the elbow when the elbow drives down and reaches and goes back behind to the size that’s here.

Getting up to the top. Your job is not to try and stand up with your feet and just use your hands slightly and very nice, and fast like that, because we’re, not going to be building strength, so your feet are there to help you and assist you to Do the action of this book that we’re trying to do, but they’re, not there to do the job for you if that starts to feel good, and when that starts feel good, you’re, going to pull Yourself up to the top using those least amount of effort, three feet as possible once you’re at the top, can you actually take the feet off the floor hold and then slowly lower down without any support? So we’re.

Just working on that the eccentric portion, as you build up the strength to do our full pull-ups. That is a great way to use a little bit of assistance at this lovely middle height for the beginner drive.

Let’s drop it down to the final height, so we’re done to the lowest side on the rack, and we’re going to go through some push-up variations. Jacqueline’s. Gon na take us through that now and we’re, having an awesome time with it as well, so yeah this low high one of the nice things about this position is yes, it’s down low, but if you think about where Hands are in relation to feet.

They’re slightly higher up, so the body angle is above horizontal, just making our push-up a little bit easier and we can play with different hand positions in the shape. One of the things George is going to make sure if you’re doing this, shoulder blades are nicely in place, so ear shoulder is not up by the ear we ‘

Ve got yes, so not into that position. With our nice active position through the shoulders, somebody sucked me in tight ways to take a punch and abs are on and bums on, tight. Imagining you’ve got a 50-pound note between your butt cheeks, those that are English and it’s a windy day, and she doesn’t want to lose that.

So we’re, really clamping that clamping – those groups on that’s, going to keep this in a nice straight line. So it’s going to drop then down into a position where elbows stay close to the body shoulders.

In a nice position drives back up so that’s. So, in a normal sort of position, we can explore with their hands a little bit wider and drive back up when you can explore the hands a little bit narrower or even take them on to the side position, which you think what that is like it’s, a lot more like that dip position we had earlier, but because we’re horizontal, it’s, going to be a little bit easier feet supported on the floor and it’s.

Nice, because you’re having to maintain a nice body position, so your core is working to maintain that trunk angle. The last exercise that I’m going to demonstrate is going to challenge our core as well in this presa position.

When we’re, going to be stepping up and down in this plank position, George is gonna explain what’s going on. So if Jaco starts on the floor in a plank position, nice and active through the shoulder, so it’s, pushing up through the upper back buddy switched on.

If I’m going to punch him in the stomach and then squeezing his buck nice and tight, I can find a crack a walnut for 20-foot cheeks and then from here. All he’s. Gon na do is start to walk the hands up onto the bars and back down again take a look at his hips, because actually, what we want to try and avoid doing is rocking the hips excessively side to side.

So instead, because here make sure he stabilizes as midline controls his hips hands up and down onto the bars and back to the course and that’s, a fun flight. So there the six exercise we have for you today for this workout, but obviously they can vary and they can change so depending on where you’re doing this at home at a gym.

What type of equipment that you’ve got available to you feel free to adapt those. What we want you to do is work with the principles that we put in place around how you can make them slightly easier, so regress them or make them a little bit harder.

As you try to explore your different range of motion, different ways that you’re moving and building strength at the same time, you ‘ Ve got a bit of freedom when it comes to reps and sets and how your structure workout.

You might want to do those individual exercises. Do two to three sets work six to ten repetitions in each of those or you might superset them. So the two hanging ones from the bar, you might work through one exercise, do the pull-ups and then go straight into the hanging.

Leg raises with no rest – and you maybe give yourself 60 seconds after that, or you can go through a big circuit and do top to bottom six exercises on the balance, mixing it up, keeping it all fresh. It’s entirely up to you.

Do what you feel is going to have a nice effect on what your training goals are, what you enjoy, we’re, both most of all have fun. We’re, just moving your body weight through some progressively more challenging exercises and different positions.

If you like the look, the beginners racking, the versatility they gives you, we have those available on our website, so check those out they ship worldwide. So anybody anywhere can get them and if you haven’t checked out the virtual classroom, where all of our online training and programs are make sure you have checked out at the school classes.

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